Baby Care Basics DVD

From Feeding and Nappy Changes to Bathing and burping; This DVD shows you how.

Why Don’t They Come With Instructions?

This DVD shows step-by-step how to care for a new-born baby by practically illustrating the actions to take with real moms and babies.
It also discusses what you will need to buy before birth, as well as helpful advice from a highly experienced nurse and midwife.

Sensory Stimulation DVD

Meaningful Playtime With Your New Baby

Aid your baby’s brain development and sensory integration.

Now That Makes Sense! Stimulation DVD

 The DVD educates parents on the importance of early childhood development right from birth. It deals with the process of brain development through the senses and shows parents in a hands-on, step-by-step way how to incorporate sensory stimulation into their daily routine during the first three months of baby’s life.

Why Clever Me DVDs?

See Step-By-Step how it’s done

Be prepared before baby arives

Medical Professionals give Practical advice

Play in a Meaningful way

Give your baby the best brain start

Make Your Own Stimulating Toys!

You can use objects from around the house to make simple yet interesting toys to encourage your baby to use his senses.